Project UNITE Continues to Extend High-Speed Internet Service to New Communities


It seems unbelievable that there could be communities that are under-connected in today’s increasingly digital world. Yet, there are still areas in Middle Tennessee that have been historically underserved by reliable internet connections. United Communications aims to reach these communities with initiatives like Project UNITE so that underserved suburban and rural areas have equal access to the fast, reliable internet connections found in more densely populated areas.

Every household and business should have access to the quality connections that fuel their lives. Explore how the efforts of United Communications are bridging the digital divide and reaching new customers in these communities:

Millions Invested in Middle Tennessee

More than $180 million has been invested in expanding high-speed internet across local communities, far exceeding other service providers in the region. Since the goal of Project UNITE is to expand into under-connected communities, the project requires significant infrastructure commitments. With their capital, grant funding, and strategic community partnerships, United Communications has invested in Project UNITE and made dedicated strides toward a connected Middle Tennessee.

Miles of Cable Laid 

Over a dozen counties are included in the United Communications service area, requiring more than 3,600 miles of infrastructure development to reach across the expansive region. In recent years, multiple projects have been completed in ten counties, including Wilson, Giles, Lincoln, and Franklin Counties, to bring broadband connectivity to previously underserved areas. 

Additionally, projects in Williamson County and Rutherford County have established service in areas previously unable to access the faster, more reliable internet connections that United Communications can provide.

Thousands Are Now Connected

By eliminating connectivity gaps and extending coverage, more than 30,000 homes and businesses will be served through United Communications this year. Project UNITE represents a dedication to providing equal access to the transformative power of high-speed internet. As coverage expands, the local community has shared the impact of the coverage they’ve gained. 

Here are some of their stories:

More About United Communications

United Communications is a local internet service provider with a rich history of providing telecommunications solutions for more than 75 years. They are dedicated to expanding their service area to provide counties across Middle Tennessee with equal access to reliable, high-speed internet. Bridging this digital divide allows more communities to participate in the digital world, enabling them to grow and access the services they need. 

United Communications is a proud participant in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), an investment that helps the internet connections our communities desperately need become more affordable and accessible.

If you want to see whether service is available in your area or if you’re in an area where service is planned, you can check availability at Direct questions to 931-364-2287 or [email protected].

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