Reese Witherspoon to Celebrate Children’s Book Release at TPAC


On Friday, October 7, you can celebrate the release of Reese Witherspoon’s children’s book Busy Betty with a special evening at TPAC in Nashville.

Just four days after the book releases, at the event, Reese will share childhood stories and the inspiration behind Busy Betty.

The event site shared, “Since the moment I had a daughter of my own, I have been searching for characters whose self-expression is front and center and holistically portrays the experience of being a young girl,” said Reese. “BUSY BETTY was born out of my own upbringing. I was always singing, dancing, and exploring. I hope Betty’s curiosity, enthusiasm and sense of adventure teaches our girls that not only can they do anything they set their minds to, but also by applying creativity, focus and teamwork to their ideas, anything is possible.”

Tickets are on sale now. Buy tickets here. 

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