Tennessee Department of General Services Launches New GIS Map to Display State-Owned Land


The Department of General Services for the State of Tennessee is pleased to announce the launch of the new State-Owned Land Dashboard, a Geographic Information System (GIS) public-facing map displaying all the land the state owns. The map, available here, gives users access to a comprehensive list of state-owned properties with numerous data points for each property, including address, District, State Agency, State Senator, State Representative, and more.

“This new map is a valuable resource for Tennesseans who want to learn more about the State’s property holdings,” said Christi Branscom, Commissioner of the Department of General Services. “This map provides users with a searchable database for a more robust analysis of state-owned property. Such analysis will help the State to determine which properties are critical to the State’s mission and which can be returned to its highest and best use by the private sector.”

The State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management division in the Department of General Services developed this map in partnership with the Tennessee State GIS Office in the Department of Finance and Administration and the Office of the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury. The videography team in Document Solutions, a Department of General Services division, created the video tutorial of the dashboard to provide users with additional guidance on how to use the map.

The map is available here to the public free of charge.

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