Titans Launch ‘ONE Community’ Impact Program to Reach Nashville’s Most Underserved Communities


On the heels of announcing a proposed new football stadium agreement, the Tennessee Titans are announcing a community benefits platform with 16 local and regional organizations. The Titans announced the programs at Tennessee State University, their long-standing partner.

The ONE Community platform includes multi-faceted programs that reach many of Nashville’s most underserved communities with a focus on three areas – Opportunity, Neighborhoods, and Education.

“ONE Community represents a substantial amount of work and effort on the part of many and is the product of extensive interaction and feedback from residents and community leaders,” said Adolpho Birch, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for the Tennessee Titans.

“Ultimately, increasing opportunities for workforce and small business development, nurturing and enhancing our neighborhoods in need, and supporting education at all levels was what the community believed would be most impactful.”

The team will enter formal agreements with ONE Community partners and make them available to the public when final.

In addition to the ONE Community platform, the Titans will continue its existing community impact initiatives. Since 2018, the Titans have served 135 local organizations through direct investment, programming, and partnership.

Also, as part of the proposed new agreement between the City and the Titans, the team will continue its longstanding relationship with Tennessee State University by hosting TSU games at the new stadium and engaging in other TSU related initiatives, return 66 acres of land, otherwise parking lots until 2039, to the City which plans to create parks, greenways, affordable housing, a multi-modal boulevard, local businesses and more.


Programs within Opportunity will focus on supporting local small and diverse-owned businesses, commitments to a diverse labor force and vendor pool for construction and post-construction, loan and grants programs, and other initiatives focusing on economic inclusion and growth. The programs will create meaningful pathways to jobs, professional training, and small business financing.

Programs within Opportunity include the:

  • Titans Economic Inclusion Program
    • $18 / hour minimum wage for employees
    • A MBE/SBE/DBE and workforce development program maximizing minority inclusion and opportunities in stadium construction and beyond
  • 1st & Goal Small Business Support Program
    • $2 million fund with Citizens Bank for loans and grants for qualified small and minority-owned businesses who need access to capital
    • Scholarships for small and minority-owned businesses to grow capacity through the Nashville Business Incubation Center (NBIC)
  • Titans’ Hope and Imagination Center
    • 12,000 square foot multi-purpose community space in the new stadium
    • Flexible space for nonprofits and community organizations to utilize for education programming, celebrations, community space, food and clothing drives and more
  • Real Estate Development and Leadership Council
    • Paid virtual internship and adult professional program with Project Destined focused on real estate and sports venue development
    • Hands-on experience with stadium construction and design teams and network with professional opportunities and certifications in the future

“We’re particularly excited about this investment in middle Tennessee’s entrepreneurs because we see this paying continuing dividends down the road,” Birch said.


Healthy neighborhoods are foundational to building cities in which individuals and families are equipped to thrive. Neighborhood partnerships include new programs that support, amplify and advocate for historically marginalized neighborhoods in our community.

Programs within Neighborhoods include:

  • Home Field Advantage Catalyst Fund
    • A $5 million investment to provide access to grants and loans to encourage affordable housing through community development corporations
    • Initiatives would focus on affordable and workforce housing throughout the city
  • Keep Nashville Home Campaign
    • An annual awareness campaign to encourage eligible seniors to apply for available housing security assistance programs and increase participation
    • Launched in 2021 with the Urban League, NAACP and Trustee Erica Gilmore
  • Neighborhood Business Spotlight
    • Inspired by Nashville’s historic Jefferson Street, the Titans will select a group of businesses representing other iconic streets and roadways to highlight each year
    • Selectees receive a direct financial contribution and media and brand promotions through social media platforms and public recognition
  • Direct Community Support
    • Titans will continue to directly invest in community priorities through volunteer service, capital investments and programming
    • The Titans will support the Looby Community Center, for example, through the launch of “Friends of Looby Center” to support future capital improvements and through updates to the kitchen space, computer lab, game room and outdoor playground.
  • Mental Health Initiative
    • Trauma-informed therapy sessions and training through Cheatcode Foundation, a program currently available to Titans players and Coaches
    • Training for healthcare and community workers, trauma-informed sessions, and community engagement events in the pilot program’s zip codes of 37218, 37208, 37209, 37216 & 37206


The Titans are partnering with academic institutions to supplement and enhance student offerings in powerful ways, with the belief that every student deserves an educational journey with the resources, experiences, and access necessary to create a meaningful path to vocational and life success.

Programs in Education include:

  • Metro Nashville Public Schools
    • An expansion of the partnership will be announced in the coming weeks that will include health and wellness programs, literacy initiatives, athletics and internships
    • Titans will continue existing partnerships with MNPS, including the expansion of girls flag football into MNPS high schools, enhancing the high school football game experience and Titans staff volunteer efforts
  • Tennessee State University
    • TSU and Titans will be expanding their longstanding relationship by launching a new partnership that will establish several initiatives including incorporating athletics, academics, students and university support through scholarship and job shadowing programs and professional development opportunities
    • Titans will serve as the annual presenting sponsor of the John Merritt Classic and partner with TSU to expand gameday activation and expanded branding opportunities
  • Internship Programs
    • Annual internships and educational opportunities for local schools and universities that provide on-the-job experience and training.

Binding Commitments and Accountability

  • Binding Commitments. The Titans will make binding commitments to the OneCommunity program through a series of contracts with its partners.
  • Reporting/Community Advisory Committee. Titans will organize a committee responsible to quarterly review the Titans’ progress with respect to the OneCommunity program, and create, publish, and present an annual report and recommendations to the Mayor’s Office, Metropolitan Council, Sports Authority, and other key stakeholders. The Community Advisory Committee will be comprised of community partners, education partners, and Titans representatives.

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