Waterproofing to Avoid an Unwanted Swimming Pool Under Your Home

From Columbia Crawlspace


When the hot, humid days of summer hit in Tennessee, many of us wish we had our own swimming pool.

But have you ever wished for a pool in your basement or crawl space?

Didn’t think so.

Unfortunately, with Middle Tennessee’s spring showers (torrential downpours!) and afternoon summer sprinkles (also torrential downpours!), if you haven’t taken necessary precautions to waterproof the space under your home, you may end up with an unwanted smelly, slimy pool anyway.

Here at Columbia CrawlSpace, we want to help you avoid that ground floor swamp and the damage it can cause to your home by waterproofing your basement or crawl space.

Inspect Your Interior Space

Your first step is to do some interior inspection. Is the basement already wet or damp? Is there a musty smell in the space or in your living area above? Is there evidence of mold or mildew? Are there visible cracks in the basement or in any walls upstairs? Can you see watermarks? Do you have bowing or uneven floors?

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior and Foundation

Next, you’ll need to perform an exterior inspection, checking for possible sources of moisture or water coming into the basement or crawl space. Are any gutters or downspouts clogged or damaged? Are there visible cracks in your home’s foundation? When it rains, notice if there are landscape sloping or drainage issues causing water to flow towards the foundation of your home.

Get Professional Assistance to Repair and Protect

Whether you already see signs of moisture or want to be proactive in preventing future damage to your home, your next step is to contact Columbia CrawlSpace. We are experts in basement and crawl space moisture control and the problems associated with it.

Our professionals at Columbia CrawlSpace will come out and do a complete assessment of your home’s basement or crawl space and foundation to determine what, if any, current moisture problems exist. From there we will make a plan to treat any existing issues and waterproof the space under your home to prevent damage to your foundation and loss of home value.

Contact us today for a free estimate – before you discover that unexpected slimy pool under your home!

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