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Football is on. Carmel Corn is ready. The air is crisp. Now what about something to keep you active in between all the feasting this holiday season? Join the 4.1 million people now regularly playing pickleball! The sport grew by an incredible 21.3% last year, reports the Sport and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), as Americans searched for ways to get outdoors (or stay warm indoors) and stay active throughout the pandemic. The trend isn’t slowing down.

Pickleball Fast Facts

You can think of pickleball as a cross between badminton, ping pong, and tennis. People of all ages can enjoy the sport. Did you know…

  • Pickleball was invented in 1965.
  • The game was created by three fathers who were trying to entertain their kids who complained of summertime boredness!
  • One of the inventors was Congressman Joel Pritchard. His dog’s name was “Pickles.”
  • The balls have holes, somewhat similar to a wiffle ball.
  • Pickleball players are referred to as “picklers.” If you lose, you’ve been “pickled.”
  • Pickleballs move at about one-third the speed of a tennis ball.

Where to Play Pickleball

With your equipment in tow, head to the courts! In Williamson County, you can find information on pickleball court rules and reservations here. There are several indoor and outdoor pickleball courts available through Williamson County Parks and Recreation.

How to Get Started Playing Pickleball

The easiest way to get started is to find a friend who’s already into the sport! The game is very easy to teach and learn. Whether you have a pickler on speed dial or not, getting the equipment to play is easy! All you need is a pickleball paddle and ball.

Holiday Hot Buy: Pickleball Paddles

When you’re moving, pickleball can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. Find the right gear for you, including these Holiday Hot Buys available at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood and Hendersonville:

  • Selkirk Pickleball Latitude Paddle $59.99: Cutting edge technology features enlarged sweet spots and ultra-comfortable grip
  • VAPOR Pickleball Paddle Set $59.99: Featuring two aluminum, light-weight paddles and two optic yellow balls

Either of these Holiday Hot Buys makes a perfect present for the pickleball enthusiast in your life.

Have Fun While You Exercise

If you’re having fun while exercising, you’re going to keep it up. Whether a fun themed workout or trying out a new sport, the experts at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood and Play It Again Sports ~ Hendersonville are here to help you keep the fun in fitness.

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