Build A Pool: Top Ten Things To Consider


By Peek Pools and Spas

So you want to build your dream pool?

Here are a few things to consider to smooth out the process and make building your pool the best experience. Whether it’s legal considerations, the equipment you install, or the landscaping around your pool, every option plays a role in the final product.

Let’s dive in on the top ten steps to consider when building your dream pool.

1. Pick A Reputable Contractor

This one might sound obvious, but extra diligence here makes all the difference. How many other projects has your contractor worked on and do they specialize in your area? Does your contractor work on pools similar to the design you’re looking at building? Check to see if they have any reviews on Google or other sites and read testimonials if they have them.

Picking a contractor who you can trust will help you avoid hidden costs and unforeseen setbacks.

2. Research Your Local Laws

Zoning ordinances are easy to overlook, but they determine everything. From the depth of your pool to the size at which you can build it and whether you can even build it at all. Check with your local ordinances and reach out to your HOA to make sure you’re meeting any requirements. While limitations are rarely serious, you’ll want to make sure you’re abiding by local laws so you can build that dream pool!

3. Think About Maintenance

Building a pool is expensive, but pool maintenance can be just as expensive. Whether you maintain your pool on your own or hire help, consider what each month will set you back on maintenance and plan for additional costs just in case. It’s most important to stay consistent, even during the winter months.

4. Pool Type

There are pros and cons to each type of pool. Comparing each against the others is a great way to ensure you’re building the pool that will fit your needs, use and climate the best.

There are three primary types of in-ground pools. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl-lined, each with different costs and time to complete the build. When in doubt, speak with a qualified pool specialist about each to find the one that makes the most sense. 

5. Think About The Long Term

It may be tempting to think you’ll upgrade your home and move on from it, but it’s important to think about how your new pool will fit into the long term just in case. Especially with rising real estate costs and warming temperatures. There’s a chance you might live with your pool for some time, so picking the best material and pool type for the long term can help alleviate stress and additional costs down the road.

6. Pick The Right Pump

Reliable and effective water circulation can mean the difference between an easier-to-maintain pool and one that requires more time and energy to keep it swim-ready. There are a variety of options, but many have automation features, energy-efficient options and are ready to heat up larger pools in the event the weather isn’t cooperating. A reliable system will make your pool more fun for friends and family alike.

7. Water Features And Lighting

What’s a pool without great lighting, waterfalls, and jets? A more affordable one. Consider all your options for water features and weigh the pros and cons of each to determine whether the extra cost is worth it. While the features may make for more ambiance, the additional cost may be worth it as they may be even more expensive to add in at a later time. 

8. Plan Around Your Budget

While we’re on the topic of additional cost, it’s worth mentioning your overall budget for building your new pool. Plan not only for the quote from your pool builder, but for additional hidden costs, maintenance, and water features. Consult your financial services professional if you have doubts or want to work on additional features. It’s worth investing in them now to avoid higher costs down the road.

9. Price Your Contractors

When you start searching for the right contractor, consult with many and see who offers the best bang for the buck. It’s important to make sure everything is included in the initial bid so you avoid additional costs and hidden fees.

10. Landscaping Counts Too

And finally, don’t forget about landscaping. Both for design purposes and for functionality in your backyard. Do you want a pool deck? Trees around the pool to provide shade? What about the grass you have in your yard now?

Each of these contributes to the overall feel of your pool and may add to the cost of completion, so weigh each carefully!

And there you have it. The 10 top things to consider when you’re ready to build your dream pool. As you check each item off this list, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect setup for family and friends to enjoy.

Just another excuse to get together and enjoy good food and fun.

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