Corey Feldman to Bring New Tour to City Winery in Nashville

photo from City Winery

Corey Feldman announced the Love Retours concert tour, his first U.S. tour in five years. The tour will stop at City Winery in Nashville on September 18 at 7:30 pm.

Feldman is hitting the road in support of his new album Love Left 2: Arm Me With Love which features the viral hit “Comeback King” ft. Curtis Young, as well as his new box set Love Left 2.1.

“After five long years of dealing with the pandemic, being locked out of America for a year, stopping my last tour to produce a documentary, and then diving right into the production of my new album Love Left 2, as well as putting together this amazing box set, nothing sounds better to me than getting out of my studio and back on the road in front of live audiences where I’ve always felt most comfortable,” said Feldman in a statement about the tour.

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