Cumberlands to Host Kentucky Cybersecurity and Forensics Conference


University of the Cumberlands’ Computer and Information Sciences department will be virtually hosting the Kentucky Cybersecurity and Forensics Conference (KCFC) 2022 on November 4, 2022. Register now at Registration (

The KCFC is a multi-track cybersecurity event held annually by all the CAE institutes in Kentucky. The conference functions as an opportunity to network with professionals within the field for the purpose of furthering education, collaboration, and innovation.

The conference is free and available for anyone to view, though it may be most beneficial to those in the fields of information security and digital forensics, such as corporate security operators, students and researchers, and government leaders.

“We live in a time where internet is king; therefore, knowing how to stay protected is key to survival,” said Dr. Machica McClain, director of the M.S. in information systems security and the M.S. in digital forensics programs at Cumberlands. “Presenters will share best practices about to respond to cybersecurity incidents, and attendees will learn about strategies to protect their internet and communications activities.”

Keynote speakers of this year’s conference include Barbara Lynne Clark: chief at the National Centers of Academic Excellence Program office, and Phillip Ross: Cyber and Geospatial Analysis for the Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center.

Participating organizations in this year’s conference are Kentucky University, Bluegrass Community & Technical College, University of Louisville, Owensboro Community & Technical College, Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, and Murray State University.

Dr. McClain emphasized the importance of the conference by explaining that digital criminals are already sharing their own ploys and expertise with each other. Without a similar approach – sharing knowledge, experience, and talents with each other – cybersecurity professionals don’t have a chance of keeping up.

Dr. Edward Zuger, Dean of Cumberlands’ School of Information Technology, added,

“Cybersecurity and digital forensics issues are incredibly complex. It’s cops-and-robbers, essentially, and without collaboration there’s no hope to stay ahead of the ‘bad guys.’”

“It is important to understand what our cybersecurity specialist and digital forensics investigators have encountered since the conference last year,” added McClain. “Technology is always evolving, so a conference like KCFC helps us stay ahead of the game as we move forward to impact lives around the world.”

This is the first year Cumberlands has hosted the conference. Zuger noted the importance of the school modeling the high value of “service and community,” adding that “being able to support each other as a CAE community is vital to the growth of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

To register for the conference, visit Registration ( For more information about Cumberlands’ computer science programs, visit

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