How to Get Access to Various Boat Options without All the Maintenance and Headaches of Ownership


Boat ownership is both time-consuming and expensive. You’ll constantly have items on your to-do list to keep your boat in the best condition possible.

Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a boat without the work by joining the Nautical Boat Club. You’ll get access to four types of boats available at locations throughout the country, including five bodies of water around middle Tennessee.

Learn more about the outstanding vessels you can enjoy as part of the Nautical Boat Club.

About the Nautical Boat Club Vessels

Nautical Boat Club features a diverse fleet of boats that are 2-3 years old. It sources boats from the following leading manufacturers.

  • Mastercraft
  • Cobalt
  • Malibu sport boats
  • Bennington
  • Crest Pontoons

Thanks to how new these boats are, you’ll always have the best amenities and technology on board to enjoy your day on the water. Here’s a look at each of the four boat types available through the Nashville Boat Club.

Wakeboard/Surf Boats

These boats range in size from 20-23 feet and can hold a capacity of up to 17 passengers. They are ideal for those looking to enjoy surfing, wakeboarding, skiing and more. The boats include a surf system, which allows them to create a large enough wake that their passengers can engage in sports. Whether you’re lounging and enjoying the sun or looking to engage in fast-moving sports, these boats will be an excellent option for you.

Double Decker Party Boats

These boats are great for relaxing for a day on the water. You’ll get an upper deck that features a water slide so you can enjoy swimming and playing in Tennessee’s lakes. Gather up to 11 people on the boat and enjoy the MP3 player with Bluetooth connectivity. Get in and out of the water with ease using the rear boarding ladder. Cruise around the lake and find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy life on this boat.

Luxury Tritoon

Adding a third pontoon provides greater stability and increases the capacity of the boat. Tritoons have a capacity of 12-14 passengers and offer a smooth, enjoyable ride. Tritoons also go through rough, choppy water better and offer a stable ride for those looking to enjoy an easier time on the water. Plus, docking these more stable boats is easier for beginners.


Sportboats offer plenty of horsepower to help you navigate the lakes with speed and agility. These boats are great for skiing and include a swim platform for boaters to enter and exit the water with ease. You’ll also get a ski tow ring to make sports easy. Raise or lower the Bimini top to take advantage of sun cover when you need it or a little less drag when you’re more focused on speed.

Access to Water Toys

As a member of Nautical Boat Club, you’ll also get access to water toys, including wakeboards, surfboards, kneeboards, tubes and skis. That way, you can get the most out of your day on the water.

Learn more about Nautical Boat Club Nashville and how you can become a member today to enjoy these great vessels throughout middle Tennessee.

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