Jimmie Allen Files Counterclaims Against Two Women Who Filed Sexual Assault Lawsuits

Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for Crown Royal

Jimmie Allen is countersuing the two women who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against the country artist.

People Magazine reports Allen said in a statement, his goal is to “protect my reputation and refute these claims that have caused severe damage to my family, mental health and business.”

Allen also stated he was taking time to respond to the lawsuits because he wanted to fix his family first. Allen and his wife Alexis, filed for a divorce in April ahead of the sexual assault lawsuit.

“I’ve taken a couple months before publicly responding to these claims, because I wanted to fix my family first. This situation has caused me great humiliation, and I felt it was necessary to seek professional help,” he wrote to People. “For years, I have dealt with racism and harmful threats solely because I am a Black man in the country music industry, and this situation has only amplified that.”

The statement continued, “These false allegations have caused me to lose a vast number of business and endorsement opportunities that I worked extremely hard for. These false allegations have also not only harmed me, but have caused severe financial damage to my band, my team and their families.”

Attorney Beth Fegan, who is representing both accusers, shared with People that Allen’s filings are “what we’d expect — claims that all his encounters with Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 were consensual.”

Fegan stated, “We’re eager to show the court abundant evidence to the contrary, which we believe will prove that Jimmie Allen is a serial abuser and should be held accountable for his actions,” she said. “It is becoming increasingly common for perpetrators to countersue their victims, claiming defamation. This is a concerning trend, one designed to convince victims that if they speak out, they will be the target of spurious litigation.”

The counterclaim was filed in Nashville federal court, there were no specified monetary damages.

Since the filings against Allen, he was dropped from performing at CMA Fest, suspended by his booking agent, UTA, and his label BBR parted ways with the country artist.

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