Jimmy John’s Creates New Menu Hack for Winter ‘blahs’

BLAHS wrap
BLAHS wrap

Jimmy John’s just dropped a menu hack for a totally new sandwich, the BLAHS, designed specially to tackle that “blahh” feeling that is mid-January.

  • The BLAHS features Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado spread, Hot peppers, and Salami.
  • To order the BLAHS sandwich or wrap, start with a JJBLT, then add avocado spread, Jimmy Peppers, and Salami, and remove tomato.

January is kind of the worst. It’s cold, the days are short, and people are fighting the holiday hangover while getting back into their routines. Jimmy John’s® knows that a month that feels like a year is tough enough, and the brand is here to boost guests’ levels of dopamine – a hormone associated with pleasure and motivation. To offset the gloom and grey skies of winter, JJ’s is launching an entire collection to help beat the blahs on Wednesday, January 17 at 10am ET, including a limited-edition merch drop, an opportunity for a free dessert and a can’tmiss menu hack designed to improve guests’ moods. This mood-boosting collection of merch was created to add some much-needed sandwich sparkle to the darker days of January, because when life throws you lemons this month, put them down, and have a sandwich instead.

JJ’s new limited-edition merch was inspired by “dopamine dressing”, a maximalist trend meant to spread joy through bright, colorful clothing and accessories. Designed to stand up against the drabbest winter days, this collection will inspire vibrant joy as the new year kicks off. Dropping on January 17 at 10 a.m. ET, the collection will be available to shop through the Jimmy John’s Online Store as supplies last and includes:

Self-Love Sandwich Club Hoodie ($35): Make the most of dreary days by getting cozy and making big plans to do the least in this plush JJ’s hoodie, featuring a peace sign on the front to ward off bad vibes andSelf-Love Sandwich Club” on the back in a mint green font that will mentally take wearers to their happy place

Club Delulu Insulated Water Bottle ($35): If there is one sure fire way to beat the winter glum, it’s a healthy case of delusion. This green stunner will be guests’ new emotional support water bottle. Use it to meet daily hydration goals or fully embrace Club Delulu and fill this bad boy up with soda while stopping in for a JJ’s sandwich.

After This We’re Getting SandwichesYoga Tote ($20): Another ding for January – resolution season. Make hitting the gym a little less awful with a JJ’s yoga tote that clearly articulates the real motivation for working out: getting JJ’s after. The tote comes with handy straps to seamlessly carry a yoga mat (bonus points for filling it with Jimmy Chips®).

If merch isn’t enough to turn that frown upside down, JJ’s is doubling down on dopamine drivers by giving guests an excuse to indulge in a little treat. From January 17 through January 28, guests can use code LITTLETREAT to unlock a free dessert with a $10 minimum spend*. JJ’s fans can redeem this code once per order through January28. Get a cookie or brownie to celebrate finally circling back on that email from December or making it another day through Dry January.

Last but not least, JJ’s is hacking its menu of super fresh, high-quality ingredients to build the ultimate mood boosting sandwich: the BLAHS. Starting with JJ’s famous French bread and featuring Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado spread, Hot peppers and Salami, this new menu hack was built to tackle that ho-hum January feeling. To order the BLAHS sandwich or wrap, start with a JJBLT, then add avocado spread, Jimmy Peppers and Salami, and remove tomato.

The entire moodboosting merch collection will launch in the Jimmy John’s Online Store beginning January 17 alongside the nationwide discount code and BLAHS menu hack, all available for a limited time.

*Free dessert with orders of $10+. Offer applies to order subtotal. Enter code on web or app to redeem. Can’t combine with other offers or rewards. Limit 1 per order. Only at participating locations between 1/17/24 – 1/28/24. While supplies last.

About Jimmy John’s   

Jimmy John’s, founded in 1983, is the largest owned delivery sandwich brand in the United States, with more than 2,600 restaurants in 44 states. Jimmy John’s is part of the Inspire Brands family of restaurants. For more information, visitJimmyJohns.comandInspireBrands.com.   

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