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Laura's Cookie Studio

Laura Watson is a cookie artist from the Nashville area. She is well known for her professional, yet fun style of educating others about the world of cookie decorating. Originally established in 2011 as Laura’s Custom Cookies, she provided custom cookie orders for parties and celebrations. Laura’s Custom Cookies has since expanded and we’ve the latest!

How Did it All Start?
The beginning of Laura’s Cookie Studio has a sentimental meaning. It all started in 2010 when Laura’s eldest son was turning 4. She was a teacher’s assistant at her son’s preschool and wanted to bring in some cookies to celebrate his birthday. She decided to make firetruck cookies and not only were they a success but Laura discovered her passion for cookie art. She started making custom cookie orders for family and friends’ celebrations as she perfected her skill. It didn’t take long until word of mouth recommendations began to provide enough business to create a business. Laura has grown her company since then and recently transitioned from fulfilling cookie orders to showing customers how to decorate beautiful cookies for themselves. In 2020, Laura launched Laura’s Cookie Studio which provides customers the ability to purchase cookie kits online with video tutorials and also provides in-person, intimate learning sessions.

Cookie Parties
What could be more fun than bonding over a new experience with friends and family? Laura offers this amazing experience where she will come to your home, supplies in hand, and give your favorite group of people an in-person lesson of how to create edible art in the form of cookie making. Choose your level of experience, the type of cookies you want to decorate (this is usually seasonal) and let the fun begin!

Beginner Cookie Class
I have personally taken this class, and let me tell you, it was fun, engaging and delicious! My eyes were opened to the incredible world of edible art. The Beginner Cookie Classes are great for those looking to test the waters of cookie decorating. You learn the basics of cookie making and decorating at a local art studio as Laura walks you through the process of cookie artistry. You will be able to interact with others, ask questions and be entertained by her bright personality. The best part is you go home with a packet of notes, recipes and a box of cookies you have made yourself. The classes and cookies made change with the season and holidays so be sure to check her Eventbrite page for details.

Virtual Classes
If you don’t live in the greater Nashville area, would like to gift this experience to a loved one who lives across the country or just prefer the comfort of your own home, Laura has you covered. Laura’s Cookie Studio offers an array of classes for all skill levels to enjoy the experience of cookie making at home. When you purchase the live class, it is yours to keep. This means you can watch it over and over again, submit your questions to her, go at your own pace and have something to reference. These classes cover everything from beginner basics to airbrushing. To view current virtual classes, click here.

Advanced Technique Classes
If you aren’t so new to the world of cookie decorating and want to grow your skills you have the option of in-person or virtual classes. Some of Laura’s more advanced classes include: Royal Icing mastery, piping, airbrushing and more. To browse classes and sign up, click this link.

Team Building
If you want a fun, delicious and unique way to team build, Laura offers a class specifically designed for you. Bond over creating edible art from one of the area’s top cookie masters! Contact Laura directly to inquire about this opportunity.

Laura’s Cookie Studio offers a multifaceted approach to experience cookie decorating fun for everyone. If you are already familiar with cookie decorating, want a new experience or want to spend quality family time together you can always visit her Global Belly page to order cookie decorating kits that are ready to go! We will list all links for Laura’s Cookie Studio below for you to explore all she has to offer.

Laura’s Cookie Studio Facebook
Laura’s Global Belly Store – Cookie Kits
Eventbrite – Upcoming In-person and Virtual Classes available
*In-Person classes take place at 1863 O’Reilly Circle, Spring Hill
Laura’s Cookie Supply Shop

Laura has provided a discount code exclusive to our readers! Enjoy 15% off in-person or virtual classes by entering code Summer15. Valid until August 31. 2021


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