Local Filmmaker Ricky Burchell Releases ‘3 Strangers’ on Video on Demand


Ricky Burchell aspires to be a great movie director. Greatness, he feels, can take place anywhere. He plans on directing films all over the world, that reach all kinds of people. Burchell released his second full-length film, “3 Strangers” on February 8, 2022 on VOD through major streaming platforms and cable providers in Canada and the United States.

“Three Strangers” is full of hope and faith, a timely story of overcoming obstacles and prejudices. It is the tale of three strangers from different backgrounds who are forced to go on a business road trip together. No one is happy about the assignment. With three cities, three days, three nights, and miles of endless road in front of them, they come face-to-face with their own personal challenges and prejudices, discovering in the end that life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. See the trailer.

Under Vision Films, Inc., Burchell produced, wrote and directed the movie. Shot in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as Louisville, Kentucky, it was inspired by personal experiences.

“I have met many different people from many different backgrounds,” said Burchell, “and with many different perspectives, and thought the idea of three very different people being thrown together and learning from each other would make a great film.”

As with his first film, he used talent from the local area. The three main characters are played by Tara Hayes, Alex Sauceman, and Joe Gates. Gates is a recording artist, Sauceman was in a short film Burchell did called “Love 101,” and Hayes is a songwriter and performer on children’s audio books. It also features Christian Television Network’s Monica Schemler.

Originally from New Jersey, Burchell now calls Murfreesboro, Tennessee home. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University’s Department of Recording Industry Management. After graduation, he was a Christian rap recording artist who worked with people like Curtis Blow. He’s traveled all around the world performing music as well as writing and producing songs. But he’d always wanted to make films.

“I watch a lot of films and always wanted to be a part of the industry,” said Burchell. “I learned by trial and error, I just started writing and turned on a camera and made movies.  I always wanted to do film, but I never thought it was possible until I started learning about Digital Filmmaking.”

His first feature film, “Where is Good?,” has won awards at a national film festival. He also has a movie called “AM Radio” that is available on Peacock, Amazon, & Tubi. Not one to have moss grow under his feet, he has a film called “One More Dream” coming out this May to theaters. He will also will be producing three more films in 2022 called “Eating Me Up,” “Consider the Lilies,” and “Trap City: Redemption” Plus he has an audio drama podcast series called “Mask My Soul.” Season one is coming up on all podcast networks.

When not making movies and podcasts, Burchell is the owner of the audio/vision production company called B4 Entertainment. They have done work with local advertising agencies like Barker Christol and performing artists.

Ultimately, Burchell wants to get people to watch more films and enjoy them, and a tidy income from them would not hurt.

“Three Strangers” is available to rent and buy on major streaming platforms & cable providers. Check your local cable providers for listings.

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