Looking Forward in 2024: The Latest Design Trends for Flooring


We’re projecting bold design trends on the horizon in 2024! At McCalls Carpet One, we’re seeing new takes on flooring for the year ahead with bold new colorways, organic shapes, and inventive takes on matte black details. Take on 2024 with a fresh look in your living spaces. From dark parquet hardwood installations to soft, natural elements and polished concrete floors, McCalls invites you to explore six of the best design trends that are taking over in the new year.

Design Trend 1: Moody Drama

With influences from design trends like grand millennial, art deco, and dark academia, Moody Drama features jewel tones with dark textures and rare details to create an eclectic, moody interior. Think bold wallpaper and rich velvet upholstery with this trend. Moody Drama provides a decadent twist on home décor trends.

Go for Moody Drama if you love luxurious color palettes in rich tones, are drawn to exquisite details like floral wallpaper or crown molding, or enjoy dark, textured countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

Our flooring recommendations for Moody Drama are: 

Design Trend 2: Organic Shapes

Flow into 2024 with rounded shapes to add visual interest. We’re shifting away from straight lines and bare minimalism this year. The Organic Shapes trend emphasizes natural materials and highlights natural light with large windows, soft edges, textured rugs, and spherical furniture design.

Organic Shapes will work for you if you love a calming, relaxed atmosphere with soft edges and a natural ambiance and are drawn to romantic details like curved archways and cozy bouclé upholstery.

Our flooring recommendations for Organic Shapes are: 

Limewash Industrial

The Limewash trend infuses industrial elements with innovative materials such as zellige tiles, raw wood, and polished concrete. Limewash is a type of finish that achieves a textural veneer through sandstone aggregate, creating a warm, natural texture. To attain the Limewash Industrial look, start with limewash paint and add texture to your room with organic materials and lush greenery.

Limewash Industrial is perfect if you love the blend of industrial and natural materials, yearn for clean, calming spaces, or enjoy a soft design style that embraces natural elements like wood, stone, plants, limewash, and sustainable materials.

Achieve Limewash Industrial with these flooring recommendations: 

Old Money 

Stealth luxury and understated elegance are the key to the Old Money aesthetic taking over the design world. This timeless style features exclusive designer pieces and refined consumption, underscoring quality over quantity. For example, switch out your old sideboard for a vintage solid oak buffet in the dining room, elevating interiors without compromising the integrity of the design.

Old Money is the style for you if you love elegant, vintage details, emphasize designer pieces over fast fashion, and prefer layering and cozy nook spaces where you can snuggle up with a good book over the airiness of an open-concept layout.

Our flooring recommendations for Old Money are: 

Earth Tones 

For 2024, we’re seeing a shift toward warm tones, with natural shades taking center stage. Earthy tones like rustic brown and clay are popping up everywhere, and it’s no surprise that many interior designers use this natural color palette to create warm and inviting spaces. The Earth Tone design trend pairs warm tones with greens and blues for a warm glow in your home.

Go for Earth Tones if you are drawn to earthy color palettes, like mauve and caramel browns, with rustic accents of brick and terracotta, like to use wall treatments that showcase texture paired with organic linens and furnishings, and love to add little splashes of organic colorways through lighting, upholstery, and flooring.

Achieve the Earth Tones design with these flooring recommendations: 

Return to Noir 

Matte black details have a stunning allure in the Return to Noir trend. This design trend transforms spaces into rich sanctuaries with a touch of gothic elements. Imagine rooms with sleek, matte black furniture and fixtures, creating a sense of drama and opulence. Gothic-inspired architectural details, such as intricate patterns and bold silhouettes, weave elegance throughout the space.

Return to Noir will upgrade your space if you love rich, black finishes paired with a moody gothic style that gives your home a contemporary twist and like to play with vintage details, like sweeping curtains, arched mirrors, marble sculptures, and lavish chandeliers.

Return to Noir with these flooring recommendations: 

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