Maury County Schools Addresses New Bill that Allows Teachers to Carry Guns in Schools


A bill in Tennessee that will allow teachers to carry guns in schools was signed by Gov. Bill Lee on Friday, April 26.

The bill, HB 1202, brought by Cookeville Republican Ryan Williams, was approved by the Senate with a 26-5 vote on April 9. Last week, the House passed the bill with a 68-28-2 vote.

This bill would permit school faculty or staff to carry concealed handguns on a school campus under certain circumstances. Teachers opting to carry would need to complete 40 hours of annual firearm training at their own cost, gain approval from the school director, pass a mental health assessment, and clear an FBI background check.

Maury County Public Schools released the following statement in regards to the bill:

“At this time, Maury County Public Schools enjoys the privilege of a great relationship with the Maury County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff employs School Resource Officers in every one of our buildings. Decisions regarding this legislation have not been realized at this time.”

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