McCall’s Carpet One: September Design Tips


With fall quickly approaching, it can be a great time to make some changes to your home. Maybe you want to add some earthy accents or take the opportunity to do a complete renovation now that the kids are occupied with school and you’ll have plenty of time at home to work on it. McCall’s Carpet One has design tips to help you get started!

Natural-Tones Floors

Your floors are the home’s foundation and a great way to bring some light into your space. Natural tones can brighten up any room and open up the space. Natural tones also never go out of style, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them too quickly. You don’t have to be selective about your flooring options. Almost any material comes in natural color so you can use them through any area of the house.

  • Bring earthiness home with stone tile
  • Timeless and elegant natural hardwood floors
  • Cozy and warm carpets

Making a Statement with Area Rugs

An area rug can make or break your space, and finding the right one is key. Whether you want one that draws the eye or one purely to keep dirt directly off the floor, it can be the difference that pulls the room together. Without one, your space may look like it’s missing something. There are area rugs out there that suit everyone’s style, and the first step is finding the right one for you. There are other important factors that go into choosing an area rug because while you may like the style, you have to make sure the rug goes with the rest of the room and that it fits the space.

  • Choosing the right style
    • Neutral area rugs
    • Geometric area rugs
    • Modern area rugs
    • Blue area rugs
  • Placement of area rugs
  • How to measure your room for an area rug
  • Large vs. small area rugs

Going Behind the Design of a Modern Home Renovation with Margarita Bravo

When completing a home renovation, there are many things to consider. Whether you have an old home that you want to modernize or just want to make some changes throughout the home, it’s important to consider many things. Working with an interior designer can always be helpful, but they are especially so when doing any big projects. Not only can they make sure the spaces go together, but they’ve done this plenty of times before and can make sure you don’t miss anything when recreating the space. McCall’s Carpet One talked with interior designer Margarita Bravo about one of her most recent renovations. Check out a sneak peek of some of the questions that were asked below and see the full interview on their blog.

  • What were the needs of your clients, and how did you consider them when designing the space?
  • There’s a lot of beautiful artwork, vintage fixtures, and handcrafted pieces throughout the home. Is there a story behind this and how did it inspire the spaces you created?
  • What are some things to keep in mind when designing an inviting yet functional entryway?
  • What was the inspiration behind the color palette of warm neutral colors and dark finishes throughout the house?
  • What made you choose these gorgeous golden-toned wood floors that are installed throughout the house?
  • Talk to us a little bit about the idea of playing with textures and shapes in the living room.
  • The bathroom is stunning from the natural slate tile floors to the black metal finish details. Talk us through your process of designing a spa-like bathroom.
  • We love the way you play with natural light and different kinds of lighting in the home, especially in the open-concept kitchen and living room. What are your top tips when it comes to selecting lighting for your design?
  • This home renovation features a lot of natural wood finishes from the dining room chairs to custom shelving and a built-in oven hood in the kitchen. How do you strike a balance between different wood finishes to tie a place together?

McCall’s Carpet One

Are you ready to get inspired with interior design tips, photos, and advice? Check out McCall’s Carpet One’s Beautiful Design Made Simple™ blog or check out their flooring guide to find out more about each type of flooring available.


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