New Music this Week -July 31, 2023

Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore.

1Chris Stapleton

photo by Donna Vissman

Chris Stapleton’s highly anticipated new album, Higher, will be released November 10 on Mercury Nashville. In advance of the release, the album’s first single, “White Horse,” written by Stapleton and Dan Wilson.

Take a listen here. 

2Peytan Porter

photo from Peytan Porter

Following up the acclaimed success of 2021’s “Therapy” and her 2022 EP, In My Head, emerging singer-songwriter Peytan Porter checks into a new creative chapter with “God’s Hotel,” out now.

“’God’s Hotel’ is a song that I wrote and felt very personally,” she explains. “I grew up in the church and moved to Nashville wanting to be a worship leader, and then went to a Christian college here. But the closer I got to the religious side of church, the less I liked who I became – so I kind of had to reset. When we wrote ‘God’s Hotel,’ it was a thought that I was too scared to say at the time. The song is a bit of a metaphor for my faith. I don’t want a perfect mansion in heaven. I want a hotel because I like to travel, play music for a living, and live a life that is authentic to me.”

Take a listen here. 

3Jon Langston

Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Jon Langston is announcing his debut full-length album, Heart On Ice, out everywhere September 8. Ahead of the release, Langston is sharing the project’s title track. Listen to “Heart On Ice.”

Langston shares, “Finally. It’s time. My debut album. This album tells the story of my life the past 10 years. What I’ve been going through, and how I’ve grown in my life. The title track ‘Heart On Ice’ was the missing puzzle piece to this album and was the perfect song to kick it off. I am so proud of this album and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Take a listen here. 

4Reyna Roberts

photo by Dire Image

Reyna Roberts releases her newest single, “One Way Street” from her upcoming debut album, Bad Girl Bible: Vol.1 (via EMPIRE Nashville). Written by Roberts, Natalie Stovall, and Aaron Wagner, “One Way Street” is a powerful and haunting ballad that showcases Roberts’ powerhouse vocals and unique sound, defying the confines of traditional genre rules.

Take a listen here. 

5Elvie Shane

photo from Elvie Shane

Elvie Shane just released a  new single. “”Jonesin’” is all about our vices and failures in the pursuit of satisfaction and happiness,” said Shane. “ It came with the realization that you could have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and still be left feeling empty at times. That’s just life. But that void can be a beautiful thing when used as fuel. It can piss you off enough to quit the bad habits or fire you up enough to chase the seemingly unattainable.”

Take a listen here. 

6Mitchell Tenpenny

photo from Mitchell Tenpenny

Mitchell Tenpenny releases “Bigger Mistakes.”  About the song, “I’ve always loved Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’ because of the line ‘you’re so vain you probably think this song is about you.’ That line just cuts to the core,” Mitchell says. “Some people like to think the world revolves around them and I wanted to write a song that was a reminder that isn’t the case. ‘Bigger Mistakes’ is about realizing that there are bigger and more important things in life than a breakup. The song is a reminder that you’ve gone through harder times and the future can be bright.”

Take a listen here. 

7Billy Idol

photo from Billy Idol

Rock legend Billy Idol releases the expanded edition of his self-titled debut album via Capitol/UMe. The reissue includes the original ten track album, a previously unreleased recording of Idol’s complete August 12, 1982 concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA and the recently unearthed and previously unreleased 12-minute Clubland Extended Remix of his classic song “White Wedding.”

Take a listen here. 

8Grace Potter

photo by Grace Potter

Singer-songwriter Grace Pottershares “Ready Set Go” and “Lady Vagabond,” the newest tracks off her highly anticipated album Mother Road, out August 18, 2023.

“‘Ready Set Go’ is one of the very first songs I wrote for Mother Road. I’d been driving solo for about a week and I must’ve been desperate for some company because any time I stopped, I got this bizarre urge to jump in every car, truck, train or bus I saw drive by! While I didn’t indulge that highly questionable and risky idea in reality, I did explore it through song…and my imaginary co-pilots took me down some very unexpected roads.” Potter shares.

Take a listen here. 

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