Private Membership Club Nashville City Club is on the Move

Nashville City Club, the premier private membership club in Nashville, is excited to announce its relocation
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Nashville City Club, the premier private membership club in Nashville, is excited to announce its relocation and expansion to the historic Liggett building on 2nd Ave in downtown. The move, which takes place under new club ownership, is scheduled to occur at the end of July. The Nashville City Club aims to be open in the new location within 60 days with modified services, and a goal of having the full kitchen operational by winter.

With more than 65 years of rich and celebrated history in the Nashville community, Nashville City Club is one of the oldest private membership clubs in the city and has developed a vibrant community for business professionals and executives. Throughout its years, the City Club has hosted presidents and vice-presidents, dignitaries, politicians and celebrities, as well as local legends across numerous professional fields including politics, law, healthcare, entertainment, real estate, and tech.

The new Nashville City Club location will feature three distinct levels, each designed to provide existing and prospective members with a unique and luxurious experience:

The Member’s Floor (3rd Floor): Spanning an impressive 6,000 square feet, the Member’s Floor will offer a spacious and flexible area for members to relax, connect, and conduct business. With its luxurious ambiance and versatile layout, this floor will serve as the heart of the club, providing members with exclusive amenities and an inviting atmosphere.

Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor): This floor will boast a magnificent 6,000 square feet grand ballroom, exuding elegance and sophistication. Perfect for special occasions, weddings, and grand events, the ballroom will serve as a stunning backdrop for memorable gatherings, offering a truly exceptional experience for members and their guests.

The Lounge Level (1st Floor): Located on the ground level, the 1st floor will house an intimate bar area, creating a welcoming space where members and potential members can unwind and socialize. This inviting atmosphere will serve as a gateway to the Nashville City Club experience, providing a taste of the club’s renowned hospitality and forging connections between like-minded individuals.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey of relocating to the Liggett building,” said Chris Weinberg, Board Member and Managing Director of Nashville City Club. “Our goal is to create an elevated environment that not only caters to our existing members’ desires for luxury and exclusivity, but also provides a warm and inviting space for new and potential members. We cannot wait to unveil this extraordinary transformation.”

During the transition, the Nashville City Club will maintain its commitment to providing exceptional service. Modified menus and dining will be available on the Member’s Floor and 1st floor lounge, ensuring that current members can continue to enjoy their benefits. The club’s team has planned an expedited relocation process, with the full kitchen, catering, and Grand Ballroom space to be operational by winter 2023.

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