Randolph Howell Elementary STEM School Celebrates Black History Month

From Maury County Schools

Randolph Howell Elementary STEM School Celebrates Black History Month

Randolph Howell Elementary STEM School celebrates Black History Month by recognizing the contributions and achievements of the country’s black population and their role in U.S. History. Each morning, students get to learn about a new person and their achievement by watching the daily Buzz! One very important figure that was featured on the Buzz was Mr. Randolph Howell.

Randolph Howell was born in Maury County and went to school at College Hill High School. In 1939, he graduated from what is now Tennessee State University. He began teaching in Maury County in 1941. In 1942 he volunteered for service in World War II. He returned to teaching in Maury County in 1948 and taught until 1979.

During his service to Maury County, Mr. Howell and a group of veterans and trade students built Carver Smith School. This saved the county more than half the cost of construction!

He was a member of the Maury County Board of Education, St. Catherine Church Board of Directors, United Giver’s Fund Board of Directors, Columbia State Community College Foundation Board, Maury Regional Hospital Board of Trustees, and First Farmers and Merchants National Bank’s Advisory Board of Directors.

Mr. Howell died in 1984. His widow, Camille Evans Howell, officiated the grand opening ceremony of RHES in 1999. Mrs. Howell taught in Maury County for 40 years and retired with Mr. Howell in 1979. She was very active at RHES as long as her health allowed. It is because of these great achievements that we celebrate Black History Month!

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