Recycle Those Broken Holiday Lights at Walmart

photo from Terra

Tennessee-based TERRA has been selected to partner with Walmart on a holiday lights recycling program providing communities a way to properly dispose of nonfunctioning holiday string lights. The free recycling program is available now in 110 stores in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. (See Store Locator/Map)

“The improper disposal of string lights and other electronics not only represents a waste of valuable resources, but can also release toxins into the environment,” said Steven Napoli, TERRA President and CEO. “TERRA exists to offer companies like Walmart simple, secure, and sustainable electronic recycling solutions, and we are proud to have been chosen to partner with Walmart on this holiday recycling initiative.”

Walmart customers can drop-off string lights to be recycled in the green cardboard receptacle that says, “String Lights” and “Recycled by Done with It” located in the front of participating stores.

Colt Refining & Recycling (Colt), with R2v3 Certified facilities in Hickory, North Carolina, has been selected as the recycler for this pilot program. With over 40 years of experience and leadership in the precious metals recycling industry, they are dedicated to the fundamental values of integrity and quality.

“When it comes to electronics recycling, certification matters,” said Napoli. “Only certified facilities comply with the rigorous standards that ensure electronics are refurbished and recycled in a sustainable manner.”

Most Christmas lights contain plastic, glass and copper. At a certified Colt facility, individual materials will be recovered, sorted, and reused.

TERRA represents the largest network of certified recyclers in North America dedicated to protecting the environment, creating a circular economy, and combating climate change. This is done through diverting used electronics to the care of responsible and transparent e-Stewards and R2 Certified providers to maximize the sustainable reuse and recycling of natural resources.

Electronic waste (e-waste) is the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world with millions of electrical and electronic devices thrown away annually. When improperly discarded, e-waste can potentially release toxic chemicals into the environment.

In addition to the holiday lights recycling program, TERRA’s “Done with It” program provides onsite and mail-in e-waste recycling solutions for consumers, businesses, and communities including a free mail-in service for recycling used laptops and tablets in any condition.

“The holiday season is the perfect time to spotlight the importance of the proper way of discarding electronics,” added Napoli. “TERRA is working with a number of organizations and businesses to bring the community access to simple ways to dispose of e-waste and recover materials.”

Learn more about the holiday string lights recycling program at and about other “Done with It” programs at

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