Smyrna Bowler Earns Coveted Team USA Jacket

Matteo Quintero
Matteo Quintero

In 2015, Matteo Quintero experienced a fractured arm while participating in a karate session. This challenging period led him to discover a newfound passion for bowling.

Over the years, Matteo, hailing from Smyrna, has nurtured his love for bowling and achieved remarkable success in the sport.

In July, he earned a spot on the national stage, competing at the 2023 Junior Gold National Championships held in Indianapolis against 750 other bowlers. Quintero demonstrated his prowess and dedication, finishing in fifth place in the Advancer Round, then reached the top seed in Match Play by winning all his matches, this achievement allowed him to secure a coveted Team USA Jacket.

Throughout the event, Matteo proudly wore IAmBowling jerseys, having secured an endorsement contract with the company since January 2023. Notably, he stood out not only for his competitive spirit but also for his caring and supportive attitude towards his fellow competitors.

All these achievements during the past three years and Matteo’s compassionate nature caught the attention of Storm Bowling, and as a result, Matteo was chosen as one of only eight junior bowlers worldwide to represent the prestigious brand as a brand ambassador.

Matteo will be a member of the Stewarts Creek High School’s bowling team this fall.

For those interested, the thrilling finals of the 2023 Junior Gold National Championships, featuring Matteo, will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network on Aug. 9 at 6 p.m. CST.

Story by Barton Henley (Rutherford County Schools)

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