Spinners Record Shop to Move Back to Spring Hill


Spinners Record Shop, which opened in Spring Hill in 2019, is on the move. They currently reside at 1408 Nashville Highway, Columbia.

They announced on social media they are moving back to Spring Hill to the former Vintage 615 location at 5075 Main Street, Spring Hill. Stating, “We are on the move, hopefully for the last time. I’m sure you know, but finding a place for a reasonable price in Spring Hill is TOUGH! Our space on Campbell Station was the best of the worst spaces we could find and afford at the time. We loved our time there because of the people that came in but hated the hidden location and dentist office look of the inside. When the lease was up we couldn’t see paying even more per month and signing on for an extended length.”

We reached out to Spinners Record Shop to inquire about an expected open date for the new location; they plan to open on November 10th.

Spinners buys and trades records, cassettes, CDs, vintage band tees, vintage pop culture tees, stereo equipment, vintage buttons and pins, and other music-related items.

For the latest updates, visit them on Facebook here. 


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