Tennesseans Spend More Monthly on Amazon than Any Other State

photo: aboutamazon.com

Tennesseans seem to be piling up more packages from Amazon than in other state. With just a click, your basic needs and wants can be at your door in about 24 hours.

In a new study, Upgraded Points shares the level of Amazon obsession in each state. Tennessee residents spend the most on Amazon purchases, according to the study. The average purchase per month is $124.22, with a yearly average of almost $1500 and over $86,000 in a lifetime.

Some of the key findings from the study are below.

  • The average American spends $91.75 on Amazon purchases each month. Prime members spend $110 on Amazon each month versus non-members who only spend $38 per month. Tennessee residents spend more than any other state –– $124.22 per month on average.
  • A quarter of Americans (25%) shop on Amazon once a week or more often and over half (51%) only buy Prime products when shopping on Amazon.
  • Americans spend $117 on Prime Day on average with Prime Members and Gen Xers spending the most –– $124 and $148, respectively.
  • A third of Americans (33%) think the dollar amount they’ve spent on Amazon this year is higher than what is currently in their savings account.
  • 33% of Gen X respondents confessed to shopping on Amazon at least once a week or more.

Here are the top reasons shoppers stated they like shopping with Amazon.

  • Selection of merchandise
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Easy shipment tracking
  • Free and easy returns
  • High number of product reviews
  • Lowest prices
  • One click buying and checkout
  • Easy to purchase gifts
  • Helpful customer service

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