Towne Coffee Opens in Columbia

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After two years in Mount Pleasant, Towne Coffee has expanded and officially opened a new location in Columbia at 1201 North Commerce Ct.

Towne Coffee offers more than its name might suggest. While it provides a diverse selection of rich and smooth coffee drinks, including trendy cold brews, pour overs, lattes, and specialty frozen caffeinated concoctions, it goes beyond the typical coffee shop experience. This locally owned establishment prides itself on serving a scrumptious made-to-order breakfast and lunch menu with a gourmet flair, emphasizing homemade and whole fresh foods.

After gaining over 60 five-star reviews in just two years at their Mount Pleasant location, owners David and Betsy Wood responded to persistent requests from loyal patrons by opening a new Towne Coffee location in Columbia. This expansion not only meets the demands of numerous loyal customers but also introduces a fresh food option to the growing city. The new Columbia location, set to open a drive-through in late January, will enable the couple to broaden their catering options, including the inclusion of a New Jersey hometown favorite, “Taylor Ham.”

Towne Coffee’s vision extends beyond being a mere coffee and cuisine spot. The owners aspire to create a gathering place for the diverse community of Columbia. Their plans include hosting family game nights, collaborating with local schools for art shows, offering the coffee shop for events, catering services, and more. This marks just the beginning for Towne Coffee, inviting patrons to join them on their journey as they elevate palates with their exquisite culinary offerings.

About Towne Coffee: After a wonderful weekend away in Mount Pleasant and seeing a need in the town, the idea of Towne Coffee was born (named after Towne Deli, where David got his start in the food business). Towne Coffee is truly a marriage of their talents, with David’s dishes garnering five star reviews and Betsy’s marketing experience seamlessly extending the vision for Towne Coffee from menu designs and decor to marketing and events.

About David and Betsy Wood: David and Betsy met in kindergarten at Franklin School in Summit New Jersey. Life long friends, they took separate directions after high school, with David living in Ireland for 13 years and Betsy living in NY, London, and Paris. Life unexpectedly reunited these friends after 25 years. They are now married and live in Franklin, TN.

A talented Chef with a gift for menu creation, David has been in the food business for over 35 years and has worked in all aspects of the industry from cooking to management. He also happens to be a coffee lover! Betsy is a Designer and Creative Director who has
over 30 years specializing in brand identity & product development. She does not like coffee at all, but she does drink tea!

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