TSU Sports Celebrates Numerous Academic Achievements

TSU Celebrates Numerous Athletic Achievements
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NASHVILLE – The Tennessee State athletic department received multiple academic accolades from the Ohio Valley Conference this week, as the league announced the 2022-23 Team Academic Achievement Award, Medal of Honor, and Commissioner’s Honor Roll.

TSU men’s tennis earned the 2022-23 Team Academic Achievement Award. The award is presented annually to each conference-sponsored sport to the member institution’s team with the greatest percent of its eligible student-athletes who earned a 3.25 GPA or higher.

TSU had 14 student-athletes earn the OVC Academic Medal of Honor for the 2022-23 academic year. The OVC Academic Medal of Honor is given annually to the student-athletes who achieve the highest grade point average in a Conference-sponsored sport. Every Academic Medal of Honor recipient for the 2022-23 academic year carried a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Deveon Bryant -Football
Isaac Napier – Men’s Golf
Carter Walton – Men’s Golf
Kennedy Bentley – Women’s Golf
Erin Marcelino – Women’s Golf
Lucia Pantigozo – Women’s Golf
Christos Alex – Men’s Tennis
Daniel Caraballo – Men’s Tennis
Jonasz Dziopak – Men’s Tennis
Nil Moinet – Men’s Tennis
Naomi Von Bose – Women’s Tennis
Carla Boudal – Volleyball
Gina Rivera-Ortiz – Volleyball
Login Williams – Volleyball

The Tigers had 92 student-athletes selected to the 2022-23 OVC Commissioner’s Honor Roll. To be eligible, recipients must have achieved at least a 3.25 GPA, have been on the team throughout the competitive season in their chosen NCAA sport, and used a season of completion.

Men’s Basketball (6)
Riggs Abner
David Acosta
Emmanuel Dowuona
Zool Kueth
Adong Makuoi
Knute Wood

Women’s Basketball (4)
Kennedy Davis
Shequana Jackson
Ashley Malone
Corina Suarez-Tudela

Men’s Cross Country (4)
Thaddee Barge *
Fred George II *
Robert Hooper *
Sunny Quinn *

Women’s Cross Country (5)
Natalya Bryant *
Serenity Harry *
Quinn Hudson *
Sydney McGee *
Ajmone Myers *

Football (15)
Tony Amerson
Darrell Branch
Deveon Bryant
Carson Buchanan
Josh Green
Mack Guice III
Mayson Harris
Jordan Helton
Dayron Johnson
James Lowery
Jalen Rouse
Peter Rouse
Jytireus Smith
Josh Trueheart
Alex Valbuena

Men’s Golf (4)
Isaac Napier
Jared Southerland
Allen Stokes
Carter Walton

Women’s Golf (4)
Kennedy Bentley
Erin Marcelino
Lucia Pantigozo
Alexandra Sadler

Softball (8)
Laila Armstrong
Holly Ayala
Jasmine Blackburn
Mikayla Duke
Peyton Fointno
Caitlyn Manus
Marisa Mauroschadt

Men’s Tennis (8)
Nicholas Adamec
Christos Alex
Diego Britt-Alvarez
Daniel Caraballo
Pierre Copin
Jonasz Dziopak
Taj Hibbert
Nil Moinet

Women’s Tennis (4)
Aroa Arrieta Castillo
Daniela Koleva
Franka Sindicic
Naomi Von Bose

Men’s Track & Field (12)
Thaddee Barge *
Justin Biggs
Evan Echols
Israel Fayne
Fred George II *
Garrison Holland
Robert Hooper *
Kenyon Johnson
Jeremiah Lewis
Thurman McMullen
Sunny Quinn *
Nigel Simon

Women’s Track and Field (11)
Sanura Branigan
Natalya Bryant *
Grace Colvin
Serenity Harry *
Quinn Hudson *
Sydney McGee *
Ajmone Myers *
Jordyn Perkins
Bailey Smith
India Smith
Giah Thomas

Volleyball (7)
Carla Boudal
Gina Rivera-Ortiz
Aleksandra Rojecka
Alondrah Santana-Rodriguez
Storm White
Login Williams
Rayna Williams

Source: TSU


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