United Communications Announces Third Round of Free Speed Upgrades in Middle TN


For the third time in 2023, United Communications fiber customers received faster internet speeds without any price increases as a result of the local technology provider’s new residential service plans.

Effective October 1, existing United residential customers on the company’s 100 Mbps plan saw their maximum download speeds triple to 300 Mbps, and those at the 750 Mbps tier were boosted to 1 Gbps — all without the need for service calls or new equipment.

Also effective as of October 1, new residential fiber customers can take advantage of the following speed tiers:

  • 300/300 Mbps — Ideal for small to medium-sized households with moderate internet usage, this speed offers a smooth experience for up to 15 devices at once.
  • 1/1 Gbps — Perfect for heavier internet users and large families, this speed allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices and experience ultra-fast downloads, HD and
  • 4K streaming, seamless video conferencing, and efficient file uploads.
  • 2/2 Gbps — Scaled to offer a state-of-the-art connection for residents, this blazing-fast speed tier offers the best gaming experience and possible upload and download speeds.

Since United Communications has no data caps, customers have the freedom to stream their favorite shows, game online, work remotely, and stay connected without worrying about expensive overage fees or bandwidth throttling. Customers can also change plans or cancel their service at any time.

This announcement follows two earlier rounds of speed upgrades this year, implemented on March 1 and August 1, affecting both residential and business customers.

William Bradford, President and Chief Executive Officer of United Communications explained that the new service plans and pricing structure are intended to simplify the customer experience while maximizing value for their subscribers.

“As a local business, we have the experience and agility it takes to turn our investments into tangible benefits for our customers, which sets us apart from our corporate competitors,” said Bradford. “Although it’s only been two months since our last speed upgrade, we won’t hesitate to provide our neighbors with faster, more reliable internet service whenever we have the opportunity.”

The company’s current broadband expansion efforts include a $77 million investment to expand rural broadband service in Middle Tennessee and an $85 million investment to connect 77,000 MTE cooperative members in Murfreesboro.

More information about United Communications, including availability maps, internet speed tests, and discounts for qualifying customers through the Affordable Connectivity Program, is available online at united.net.

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