Registered Sex Offender Arrested After Multiple Calls of Peeping Tom

Timothy Temple, 55
Timothy Temple, 55

From Metro Police

October 31, 2022 – Midtown Hills officers arrested registered sex offender Timothy Temple, 55, late Sunday night on charges of invasion of privacy/peeping tom, indecent exposure, criminal trespassing, and for felony sex offender registration violation after he was seen in the bushes with his pants unzipped looking into the window of a housing unit meant for university students on Convent Place.

Multiple calls for service to that area at the same time of night recently prompted officers to look out for a man fitting Temple’s description. Temple attempted to flee the area when he was approached by officers, who saw his pants were unzipped as he was looking into a window.

Temple has a criminal history with similar stalking, peeping tom and indecent exposure arrests. He is currently being held in lieu of $9,500 bond.

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