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Haiti Rocked By 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

This morning, a powerful earthquake shook right near Haiti, measured with a 7.2 magnitude. Haiti is still recovering from a major earthquake that struck the country several years ago. Although this earthquake was less powerful, there are still reports of people missing and a great amount of damage. 

In 2010, Haiti had a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the country which caused a lot of damage to homes and buildings. Many people were trapped under the rubble and the cleanup took forever. Many places were still trying to rebuild and recover from the damage of this earthquake. 

The earthquake that hit this morning has caused lots of damage as well, and there is a chance that the casualty rate will rise as clean up is underway. The U.S. Tsunami Warning System sent out a third and final notice that the waves have since moved away and there is no threat for a tsunami to form. 

Tabitha Bartoe
Tabitha Bartoe
Tabitha Bartoe is currently a Junior attending Valparaiso University, double majoring in Meteorology and Communications. She is the Assistant News Director at the university's television 15 VUTV and also a part of the Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team (VUSIT) and the American Meteorological Society. Tabitha has always had a passion for weather since the age of 12 when she nearly got hit by lightning which "struck" her interest in studying the atmosphere.


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