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National Hurricane Center Declares Ida a Category 1 Hurricane

Earlier this afternoon in the Caribbean Sea, Tropical Storm Ida became a Category 1 Hurricane. Ida moved quickly to the west and hit Cuba just a short time ago. Intense rainfall and flooding is expected in the Caribbean, with the potential for mudslides and according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) “Life-threatening storm surge.” 

Not only is the storm surge strong for the Caribbean, but Ida is expected to strengthen to a major hurricane over the next 48 hours, making its way towards the United States. Referring to the NHC graphic above, Ida is expected to make landfall between late Sunday and early Monday morning. This will affect portions of the south, with great concern for Louisiana and Mississippi. 

As the storm makes landfall and begins its track northward, Tennessee is expected to have some substantial rainfall heading into Wednesday morning. As time goes on, there will be a better prediction about how much rainfall Tennessee will acquire. For more information on Hurricane Ida, follow this link here


Tabitha Bartoe
Tabitha Bartoe
Tabitha Bartoe is currently a Junior attending Valparaiso University, double majoring in Meteorology and Communications. She is the Assistant News Director at the university's television 15 VUTV and also a part of the Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team (VUSIT) and the American Meteorological Society. Tabitha has always had a passion for weather since the age of 12 when she nearly got hit by lightning which "struck" her interest in studying the atmosphere.


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